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Social Media Marketing/Manager? It’s An Easy Job!! Really?

Starting with personal note:

From last 8 months I am working as a Social Media Manager and I feel so good about it. Creativity, imagination, trying to use new tools, SEO… Everything which I love the most, I am finding in just one position…Social Media Manager!!

The second reason why I love this field is: It’s something new. Every new thing attracts me a lot, I guess. And where I live or work, there is no idea about what is this actually social media professionally contains. And that gives me challenge also to prove myself in something new!

Now something interesting facts about this field for all those who thinks this job is such an easy job that anyone can do this!!


1.The definition you found in Google when you search this position :

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation.

The definition clearly shows that it’s not just about updating post on Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin or G+!

The responsibility for the post of build the social media presence for any company or organization. You are the person, who creates image of the organization how people will remember you!!! You can call it as DIGITAL PR even!

2. The most basic thing a Social Media Manager should have is the ability to listening. Listening of what the audience is saying, what does your organization wants to say and find the balanced and creative way to manage both!

3.Visual Thinking and Creativity.

At each and every moment the person should be creative in explaining or creating things. And this is something I personally found hard because as a human being you can not be creative 24*7!

4.Love for the statistics.

You need to develop your love with numbers and statistics when you are having this position. Any ups and down in your social media presence has to measured by you and every analytic needs to be keep in mind when you plan your next move!

5.Strong networking skill.

It is so obvious that when you are working on social media, you can not just sit silent and look! You need to learn networking, influencing.

6.Learning Ability.

You really need to have the knowledge of all the tools which you are using. And the new trends will come in your way that also. You can’t just do the same thing for whole year!

7.Develop your love for (Content + Graphics + Writing)

When I said, you need to be creative, I really mean to say creative in all manner.

Agree, you don’t know graphics or writing. But you can’t give this as an excuse when you have the responsibility to build the reputation. You need to learn everything. You need to understand how to write and what to write, how to present your post or what to present!


SEO. A big word in this time. Now, you’ll think what is the connection between SMM and SEO! Well yes, both are connected to each other. You need to  understand the games of keywords, valuable back-links, guests posts etc. which can ultimately generates the traffic to your website and then you can convert your visitor into customers!

Final Words:

This is something new in professional field, but this is not something which anyone can do easily. You need to have a lot of patience and joyful mind always to generate new creative ideas!

P.S. I am a Butterfly Social Media Manager. Firstly, I was branding about myself and then started working as a SMM professionally!

Happy Blogging! And Keep in Touch!


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