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The Tickling Feeling!

She (Angrily) : I am not talking to you..

He (Sweetly) : wait… Let me kiss you on your forehead…

She (sadly) : Means…?? After that it’s okay for you, if I won’t talk to you??

He (Smirking) : Yes.. Words don’t matter for me..

She (Surprisingly) : Then what?

He (winking.. Kissing on her lips) : Just kisses… On my rebel’s body…

She (Blushing… Kissing hardly in response) : I am melting, stupid..in yours… And in fact, i like to melt in yours…..

And the kisses….unstoppable…


– – – – –

The feel, which can melt you..which can makes you blush..which can makes butterflies to fly in your stomach..which can tickle you,is rare and hard to find..If you have that person, who can gives you these feeling…just hold on… Never let that person go away….


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