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The Valued Long Distance Feeling !

He : Sorry…

She ( Surprisingly) : For what ??

He : I didn’t message you that I am going out for some work.

She (Sweet smile on face) : that’s okay. It’s not needed to inform me everything.

He (Sweetly) : No. It’s needed to inform you, where I am going or what I am doing or with whom I am going.

She (with doubt) : but why?

He (Calmly) : Becaue I value you, rebel. And so you need to know everything about me.

She (Blushing) : I know, you value me. And I like that. But, I value your freedom stupid.

He (Calmly) : I love you, my rebel.

She (Blushing, more) : I love you too, stupid..


– – – – –

Yes, it is very hard to handle long distance relationship. Both person needs to be very mature. But it’s quite easy when both respect and value other’s personal space and freedom.

Love is not when you see each other daily. It is the feeling that cpnnect both the person even though miles apart.


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