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The Basic Math Of Relationship


Do you know the basic math?

Addition… Substraction..?

If we do : 3 + 2 then what we we get as a result?

It’s simple right?
3 + 2 = 5!!!

We all know this equation.

Now, what if we do 3 – 2??

This is also simple, right?

3 – 2 = 1

We all know this even…

Don’t you think, why I am sharing this simple addition and subtraction thing here?

I just concluded one thing while I was cleaning up my old studied books.. This simple equation of math can be applied to life also, and in relationships also.


Here’s the thing…

When you add two things with each other, the resulat we get always increased than the both values.

Same, if we add values like care, love, warmth, trust, honesty, transparency then it increases the value of the whole relationship as a result !!!

And what about subtraction???

If you give values like jealousy, dishonesty, lies, cheating to someone with whom you are in a relationship then you are subtracting the values from the both and as a result, you get only betrayal, sadness and loneliness!!

When we just started our lives and got education of the simple math, we learnt about addition and substraction. And here we are matured and well-educated people and still we don’t understand the simple math of the relationship!!!

I think, we all need to learn the basics of the relationship also, right?

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