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Do You Understand Your Responsibilities As The Best Friend?


Relationships.. love.. break ups.. patch ups..

All of these are something which gives us either make us or break us. If anything make you stronger and brighter then obviously it can be appreciated and celebrated. But if something is breaking you from inside or outside that obviously not accepted.

What I am going to write here today is the responsibilities of a best friend when something ( or someone) is breaking you!

If you are ever thinking to take yourself the best friend of someone, think about the below situation. Have you ever saved your best friend from any of this?

Situation 1 : When your best friend feels guilty without her/his mistake.

Sara was totally lost in her college time. She started taking drugs. She tried to kill herself. She just gave up on her life.

The reason was, her boyfriend thinks that she was cheating on him as she is having friendly, fun loving nature. And her relationship was about to break!

As her best friend, Krisha just observe her changed attitude. She knew any advice to her won’t make her good as earlier. She just tried to be with her every time and one thing she cared that she never open her talk like, “You’re too promiscuous/You’re almost broke.” Instead she gave her space to open her heart, and eventually Sara was again on her back track and even after the broken relationship too.

Tip : Don’t be too hard for your best friend as already s/he is having the hard time. Make her/him feel safe, protected in your company.

– – – – –

Situation : 2 When you know your best friend is being cheated in his/her relationship and still she lives in a dream world that the partner is just perfect!!

Natalia loves her boyfriend a lot like a blind girl. And her boyfriend literally cheated on her not just once but so many time, because he knows, whatever he will do Natalia won’t leave him.

As her best friend, Mandy tried a lot to make her understand calmly that her boyfriend is not worth to be with her. But Natalia never understood.

Mandy knows now what she has to do. She kept her eyes on Natalia’s so called boyfriend and give enough proves to her that he was cheating on her.

Natalia was depressed after the realization that she was with someone who didn’t respect their relationship and lied to her. But one thing went correct that she was not with the wrong person anymore.

Tip : Till the time you don’t have proof to prove your sayings right don’t get angry. Try to solve the situation calmly and with maturity. Don’t run away from your responsibilities as the Best Friend. Only you can drag your friend out of the shit!

– – – – –

Did I missed anything here as the responsibility of the Best Friend? Please mention in the below comments.






4 thoughts on “Do You Understand Your Responsibilities As The Best Friend?

  1. Your blog is very interesting to read. It can sometimes can help me because my friend and me, we was together since she started high school and when we started school we got into a fight really bad. This page will help me with all my problems with my friends and I am very glad to follow you blog.

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