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Some Thoughts Need To share…

It’s been while I am in the love of all tgis R.M.Drake quotes with I can connect myself easily.

Felt to share here with all of you.






And the most favorite is…


Which are your favourite thoughts??? I would love to know.

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5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts Need To share…

  1. the last and second last one of Drake gets my attention.

    What I think is plausible. Ps I don’t think that often about it anymore : p
    When I first noticed Happiness, I got so determined that I had to swim to it. You see it was something that exposed itself to my consciousness, so pure and unearthly that operantly I had to go for! And you know what? There where a lot of other ambitious swimmers trying to capture that event, which not only I noticed. Yes it was a heck of a race. Some how I was the one. Just like you to read this, in return.

    Perhaps “Love and/or Happiness” is something that effects one in a heartbeat. Some of us write about it, others dream or cherish it and even so others teach about it due to self-experience. And yes this thing, this equation, equals Happiness by exposing Love. So with over more than billions of people that walked and breathed on this planet, there still is no single mathematical formula for this lovely establishment.

    Happiness is an opportunity, just like the equation to go/swim for it and achieve the physical matter one can go for, the human existence. Because of this existence we can share some views about happiness that holds every individual occupied. And if individuals find a common point of view in that olympic effort, there is a chance of Love, everlasting Happiness which in turn, raises and or motivates other (ex) swimmers.

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