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Relationship Question Just Popped Out!


When we all invest a little bit of ourselves in a relationships, then why do we fail to make it worth?

Any answer ? Is accepted in below comments.


20 thoughts on “Relationship Question Just Popped Out!

  1. I believe some people are more compatible with others. And if two people aren’t compatible or don’t have anything in common, they’d have to make sacrifices to cater to each other’s needs. The sacrifice has to be equal between the two and both have to be willing to make it work 100%.

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  2. I think to make it worth relationship –
    BOTH hv to sacrifice and need to hv trust on each other..and most importantly if everyone is against them but still they both should hv together and hv faith in each other

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  3. Well Priya, the answer to your question is carried in your question itself! Your opening lines ‘invest a little’ says it all. When you let yourself only a little into something then how can you expect it to come fully towards you! Relationship has no measures. Dive in totally and it would never fail!

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      1. How can you know it is the wrong relationship until you don’t give your 100% in that? You can say it is not the worth relationship if you have given the complete of yourself into it. Complete means not by physical.. But emotional and mental.

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