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Unpacking Baggage!


This is something which attacts me a lot today.

The true defination of love/relationship.

We all have that negative feeling in us which we hide, don’t share, don’t show them to any one except THAT PERSON.

The person, with whom we just feel so connected that even we want to hide our baggage, we just CAN NOT!!!

My searching is still going on to find that person with whom I canbunpack my baggages…

Tell me in below comments, have you found that person yet or not? Not of yes, then does it really feel amazing when you unpack your baggages? In front of that person??

Waiting for your replies.

Happy Blogging!!

By PriyaJ


8 thoughts on “Unpacking Baggage!

  1. “Tamasha”… This post of yours reminds me of that movie..

    “Unpacking Baggages”…
    Yes, there may be some one with whom we can throw all the stuffs out from our heavily loaded Baggages. We may find that person at some point of time in life, sometimes they lasts forever and sometimes they doesn’t. .

    So enjoy unpacking of baggages to the one you find…!!!

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