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The Wow Moments Of Life!!


What is the happiest feeling for you? How do you define that, yes…this is just a wow moment !!!

Here is that one of the wow moments of my life.

Exact one year before I have started my blogging and obviously that was just an experiment only. I really didn’t know what I want to write or what exactly I will do with all the blogging stuffs!! But yes, after completing a year I think I have succeeded in my this experiment.

One thing was sure when I started writing my blog and that is just connecting myself to the whole other world of same area of interest and get to know more about Internet world.

So, congratulations to myself foe completing one year in this virtual world of blogging!!! :mrgreen:

So, before a week I was actually busy in my office and just beeped a notification. That was a message on my page – All aout relationships by PriyaJ – from Santosh Avvannavar the aspiring author of India. He directly just asked me to write review about one of his books – She, Ekla Cholo Re – on my blog!!


Well, this is something unexpected!! Yes, I am a booklover person and blogging is something which facinates me!! And when I am getting an opportunity to combine both then it is something WOW for me!!

In next some days, I am going to read the book and soon I will post the review about it too!!

And now congratulations to myself for getting the first book, to review about it!!! :mrgreen:

– – – – –

Now, I am very much curious to know about your wow moments. Write it down in the comment box. And let’s celebrate the wow moments of thr life!!!

By PriyaJ


16 thoughts on “The Wow Moments Of Life!!

  1. My Love..
    A single word with two different meanings comprises both my mate and my love..
    I didn’t get that first look – first love feel but I’ve experienced those raising heartbeats, summersaults, mischievous looks all together brought me into new perception of life.
    Now I’ve huge bucketlist to do with my girl..
    That moment when each of that list will be done, every moment will be “Wow”

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