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Bringing You Closer To Yourself – Connecting With Old YOU!!!


A 21st Century’s Woman!!

A successful and independent Woman!!!

Yes, I am happy, independent and successful woman. But I know what I have lost! I have worked whole day and night to make my journey to live like this. I have missed some reunions, some family functions to attend to achieve this position. Yes, my mind is keep running even when I sleep about how will I achieve new targets, how would I get new appraisal etc.

And frankly speaking, when I was busy in proving myself to someone else. I have totally ignored myself. I forget, I am getting dark circles to keep working till late nights. I forget I am facing hair fall problems too.

Today, the video I am sharing here is the story of the same ordinary common girl who is just sacrificing herself. But missing that old child within herself who is just wishing that she can actually pamper her skin and her self like she did when she was a child.

Bringing you closer to yourself – I am connecting myself with this. Why? How? I have face the skin and hair problems with myself and always want to get the same old child PriyaJ who has long hair, soft skin and not a sigh of dark circles!! Till the time, I was not introduced with the brand Ethicare Remedies, I was just wished for this!! But now, not any more!! I am writing here this because I have really seen the difference on my skin after using the products from Ethicare Remedies. And I guess, after seeing this kind of results I never stop using these products.

This video and the story of the video touched myself because yes, I am agreeing with the thought. As a 21st century’s woman I am ignoring myself completely and always just wished that someone should take care of my casual routines so I don’t need to do make anymore haldi and chandan paste on weekends and still I can shine like a star!! Thanks to the Ethicare Remedies and the face behind the Ethicare Remedies, Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar and his team who can bring that starry shine on my face and I am just focusing on my own journey!!

Presenting here, company’s first corporate video and the story behind the brand -Ethicare Remedies. I am sure, somehow you all can connect yourself with the soul of the story!!

  Bringing You Closer To Yourself


I am excited to know about your views not on just the video I have shared. But the soul of the story. Write down in below comments, Do you miss your childhood? And what is that memory from your childhood that you want to live again???

Happy Blogging!!!!


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