All About Relationships

Trust The Words!!!

Guy : But, what happened to you?? Why are you worrying so much? Are you crying?

Girl : (tears in eyes) I am fine. Don’t worry!!

Guy : Don’t lie. Say, what’s bothering you?

After a pause…

Girl : I am scared. I am scared, i will loose you.

Guy : You are not loosing me at all. Why are you thinking so negative?

Girl : After a long wait i have found you.. And now when I am with you and just don’t want to lose you..Which i feel I may due to some stupidity of mine or something. I don’t know why I am so scared but yes I am having this fear of losing something of my own..

Guy : Just take a deep breath.. And listen.

After a pause…

Guy : I am not habituated to keep repeating my words but I am saying this again, today. When I say, I am in then I am in 100%. Whatever you’re feeling right now – fear, insecurity – It’s natural.
I can understand. Please trust me on this I won’t let anything happen to our relationship ever!! Sometimes you may feel I am doing something wrong or or may also get irritated with me but please don’t loose hope. I will always find solution to make our relationship stronger and worthwhile to live in it. Will you please trust me on this??

Girl : (silent…crying….)

Guy : I am waiting…

Girl : (hugged him) Yes, I trust you.

– – – – –

When you have someone, who is taking enough efforts to make your relationship real, stronger and worth to be in it don’t give second thought. Just trust the words.
Just hold on to that person. Never let him/her go.

May be this is the person you have waited till now!! May be he/she is the thing happening to you to make your life more beautiful and make you shine like a star!!!

Happy Blogging!!

By PriyaJ


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