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Examination Of The Life!

A real, sweet confession of his.. to her!!!


The real examination of the life just started, honey.

We can’t prepare ourselves enough to top the exam.

We can’t even cheat in this. Even if we want to, we won’t be able to do so as life will give new questions everytime even more tough than before.

But still, we can’t aford to fail in the exam and we can’t expect to top in this exam.

We can just hold each other’s hand, give our best shot in this examination of relationship and enjoy the whole exam.


Because, that’s what gives meaning to my life. Our Relationship!!

We just should enjoy the examination time holding each others hands.

She: Hugged him and just blushing!!! 🙂


By PriyaJ


2 thoughts on “Examination Of The Life!

  1. Beautiful..!!
    Inspired me to share this:

    ” Tell me some things that make you happy “, She said.
    ” Like what ” , he asked.” Anything – Just whatever comes to your head.
    Close your eyes and just say things “”
    A coast highway.  Coffee in paper cups.  Autumn sunlight Old people who know things.  Handwritten letters.  A string of light between the trees.  And…” he said,
    opening his eyes to look at her.” And what ? ”
     ” And you. ”
    🙂 🙂


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