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The Alone Journey Towards Finding The Own-self!!!

Today, this post I am writing about the review of the book – She, Ekla Cholo Re!!!!

A short story about the gender issues..

The story is about a girl…

Sorry… If I will mention here about a girl or boy then it would be an injustice with the story.

The story is about a person, who is trying to find the meaning of own self.

The story, is from 1990 time when there was no idea about gender issues!!!!

The whole story is totally roller coaster ride for me.. As the struggle of a person to find own identity and making the place of self in this society, as a reader I actually felt the pain. When I was reading the book I literally felt goosebumps though I live in 21st century and there is enough knowledge about the issues. But I guess, still there are many people who faces this issue in their lives.

The book is near about 50 pages and worth Rs. 150.

The authors are : Dr. Shayan Haq and Santosh Avvanavar

The authors are well known faces of their fields – Cosmetologists of Karnataka and an aspiring writing respectively. Santosh mainly writes for Amrita Foundations

The only thing which I don’t like is the length of the book. It is only 50 pages and the topic of the book is so sensitive that at some point of time, I actually felt that story is running a marathon race. And because of the length only, the flair of Kusum’s character is flying on jet speed!!!

What I like about the book? The emotional phase, the rebellious phase and the matured phase in one short story!!! Commendable!!! The most amazing part, I love was the end of the story. One should not miss the end!!!

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, surely. If someone is truly interested in reading emotional journey of a single person then surely, you should read this.

Where I can buy this: Amazon and Flipkart


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