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Because, I Am Not Meant For 9-5 Job!!


Do you love the job you are into?? Yes…

Do you ever have thought to have something own, still?? Yes….

Read ahead.. if you have these two thoughts at the same time!!!

Yes, I do love my job. Yes, this job has given me so many things. I have learnt a lot many things, I have found my real passion from this job, I never get bored during my working hours or even after my office hours I can spend time with what I am doing.

So many things I have experienced but still I am having so many complains…not with one particular thing but so many things. And which ultimately drag me to the thought of quitting my job.

But how?? How can I quit this job?? Afterall this job has given me security, self confidence and the floor to fly from!!!

But, why can’t I have something my own? Anything.. don’t know what, but something, which ultimately consider as MY OWN THING!!


Well, obviously this is not easy at all.. As I actually don’t know what can be that my own thing would be… And how I am going to achieve this..

But, one thing my mind continuously giving me command that, Priya, you are not meant for the 9 to 5 job thing at all!!! And my heart even gets agree with this argument…And yes, I know whether it’s about personal life or professional life, your mind can be wrong once, but your heart never be!!!

So, what’s the final conclusion??

Well, the final conclusion is….

Yes, I am doing my job because of so many reasons!! But I am not just doing my job!!! I am working as a Freelancer too…

Freelancing?? For what??

Well, as I have said before… this job has given me my passion… Passion for Blogging, Social Media, Digital Marketing!!! So, yes!! You got me right.. I am a FREELANCER MARKETER/SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT !!!!

Obviously, this is not my start up at all!! But, very famous GaryVee – one of the most influencer of the social media world- has said in one of his video- “Everyone has 24 hours in a day. But still one is at the highest pick while the others are not!!! It’s because, you’re enjoying weekends and vacations while they’re working hard to make their dreams real.”


Yes, I can’t leave my job but yes, I can adjust some of my time to make my dream true…  I am grinding not to get more money, but brcause I am not meant just for 9-5 job!!!

P.S. Since last couple of days, I have been following this man – GaryVee, who inspired me a lot to hustle more and go for my dream…One more thing, he said if you really want to make it real, stop listening my videos and podcasts and now I finally follow this too!! ;P

Write in below commentbox, what is that thing, that dream for which you can adjust everything…for which you an bleed from your eyes, for which you are sacrificing your weekends and for which you’re grinding to make it real!!! I surely want to know, what is your struggle!!!

By PriyaJ


11 thoughts on “Because, I Am Not Meant For 9-5 Job!!

  1. Indeed! Im just out of college and working for the past 6 months. I struggled a lot to get a job which I loved. During these struggles, I learnt a lot. Learnt the value of time and hope. I totally love my job, it’s a passion of mine. I search for inspiration 24/7. My biggest dream is to become an author, and for that I must read… read a lot! Write a lot. After entering the corporate life, it has taught me loads. As you said it’s giving me self confidence and a floor to fly from. As a marketer and a content writer; speaking with a lot of customers, getting to know people from various countries and their mentalities is a routine. it’s just mind blowing. After shutting down my system, all I do is think… think back on what I learnt that particular day . 60-90 minutes I read, apart from the tech stuffs, this 60-90 minutes is totally for me. Weekends I take good sleep and return back to reading. WordPress helps a lot. Within a click I can read a lot. We could easily give a lame reason and sleep for the rest of the day or night … but that ceaseless passion lights up my heart’s and makes me work more . Pursuing what I love and working towards my passion is not stressful… but, it gives me peace….

    By the way, it was a wonderful post! I’d never miss to read your upcoming posts 🙂

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    1. Wow!! Thanks for letting me know, I am not all alone in this hustling journey of finding something you really believed in and making it true!! Thanks for the connection, I am pleased to know you would love to read more!! 👍 Means a lot.

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  2. My passion is business, my hobby is to travel, my mission is to help people and society, my vision is to contribute significantly to make planet greener and better to live. Yes, third world countries always excite me to study and visit soon. that’s what kick me out, makes me outnumbered and don’t let me sleep till late night.
    I am doing job now, yes, but i know what i’m doing now. i’m in business to make business for my employer. but i’m sure, you would agree that “people have to do what they need to do till they can do what they want to do”. Soon to be heading up and out on the journey.

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