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Responsibility For Your Efforts!

If you credit yourself for the success you got, then why to blame others for your failures? 

It is always easy to blame other person or circumstances for the things you tried for but never get the result which you wanted. But it takes a lot more couarge to be responsible for your failures!! 

Be courageous enough to take charge for your own efforts which lead you to failures, learn from it and gear up again with new way of doing the same!!! 

Share your views in below comments, do you take responsibility for your efforts??


14 thoughts on “Responsibility For Your Efforts!

  1. Every person is responsible for his or her actions or inaction in life so blaming others for failures is to escape the responsibility that comes with it. Those who learn from their mistakes make progress in life and others who do not gain nothing. But the decisions you make requires
    knowledge ,inspirations and a touch of audacity to try something new that is extraordinary.
    Those decisions can change your life in a way that is not predictable. My own story is something like that so perhaps you should visit my blogs.

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  2. Very true saying ….i do believe in taking responsibility of failure as well get lesson from it for the next assignment. One more thing I want to add is there is no excuse of failure so don’t try to search for failures .. Its solely own responsibility. Success kiss you in silence but failure in public

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