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The Struggles Only A Digital Marketer Would Understand!

​These struggles you can understand if you are a Digital marketer!!!

Struggles of a digital marketer
Struggles of a digital marketer

Before this I have posted an article about Social Media Marketing is not an easy job and in which I have written about how the world treat you as a SMM or Digital Marketing and how it is difficult to make them understand that yes, it is truly a difficult job!
Now, who have not read my previous article, for those a quick recap! πŸ™‚

What actually is a job of digital marketing? and Why it is difficult?

Digital marketer works with a constant changing world! Email marketing, social media marketing, conversation rate optimization, search engine optimization, etc.. Uff!!!! So many things need to focus on and when we look back, we feel there is quite a few people who understand this!!!

Today in this article, I am going to cover some of my personal experience which I have struggled a lot in starting as a Digital Marketer.

1. It’s about SEO!!


Yes, SEO is the most important thing and whether we admit or not, how much we take care about traffic and original content we randomly receive traffic spikes on which we don’t have control! No matter what SEO software tool we use, sometimes we just let clueless!!
2. When you goof up with wrong links in newsletter

Wrong link in newsletter
Wrong link in newsletter

Heal yeah, it can be happened to any of us! In any situation such as selecting newsletter template or inserting links, it can happen and wrong link gets sent. This situation make us really a careless marketer!!
To avoid this kind of situation, send a test email and do not forget to click on each and every link!! 👍

3.When you get zero share on your letest blogpost!

Well, yeah it can happen to any of us. After a lot of struggle to search about what to post about and even more brainstorming to write about the topic with 100% self satisfaction and at last you just get zero share!! And all we feel ‘phew….nooou!! ‘ 
Whether it is because of unattractive headline or title, all we need to do is rub it and get over it!! media platforms has changed their algorithms!! (AGAIN!!!)

If you’re a social media manager, updates from Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platforms can have a much serious impact on your job function and oaverall performance.

This is true if your responsibility for the organization measured based on the social media reach and engagement. Yeah, we agree the updates from specific platforms can give a better user experience but getting success on every update is quite a hard task!!

5. When an influencer tweet one of your blog post

Ahaa….sounds amazing… It is not like we get popularity from this but yes it proves that you know what you’re talking about and which is something to be celebrated, right? 😜

6. When you figure out the best CTA for your strategie and which works well enough

Well, we all have heard about discovering a high converting CTAs and you have read or research on it very well, which is action oriented, benefit oriented etc…
And as per your marketing strategy or particular project or what you are offering there will be different CTAs. And when you get the desired conversation through your CTA it is something to be celebrated!!

– – – 

This list goes on and on but as I said, we all digital .marketers have different Struggles and eventually we figure it out our struggles. These are my personal struggles…

What are yours??

Share your struggles in below comment box, would love to know!!!


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