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Why Wrong? Why Not Right?

Positive or negative?
Black or white?

Right or wrong?

Have you ever felt or see that your mind is attracted to something which is ideally wrong to do but you felt to do so?

When we all know the wrong things, wrong ones, wrong attitudes then even why we do that?

We give advice to our friends or cousins that he should do that or should not do that, right? Then why we can’t apply the same logic, same math on us?

It always seems that wrong choice is a lot more easier to choose as compared to right choice. Then even why we underestimate ourselves and choose wrong things first, go on a wrong track, get failures and lost the game?

I am just curious, what is that mindset or thought process which leads you to make a wrong choice??

Any idea? Any words? Please do share in below comments, would love to know!!


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