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3 Simple Reasons Why You Can’t Be Friends With Your Colleague!

Work-place is our second home, you can say. How? Because, the second major part of the time of your day spend at your office. 
While we are working either full time job or part time job.. whatever it is. We meet new people, we talk to them, we share our feelings, we go out with them. And eventually we become friends. Best of the best friends you can feel!!!

You and your colleagues have so many things in common such as common boss, hating one of your team mates at equal point, sharing the same intense level of equations with each other in terms of making things right and providing values to the organization. But any of these reason can not be the reason to be friends with the one who is just another co-worker of the organization. 

It doesn’t mean, you should not be social with your colleagues but being social with them and having BFFs kind of bond is two different thing. And making a thin line between your friendship and socializing friendship is necessary because of following reasons :

1. There are ‘Real Friends’ waiting for your company!!

Remember the days, when you were in schools, college or  even went to gym for sometime?? How can you forget them after you started making money?? Your colleagues can be great listeners and talkers but when the time comes to need an advice for life, your old friends are the ones to talk to because they are the ones who have known you since long!! Give some priorities to some of that kind of friends!!! 

2. Work-Life Balance

Maintaining balance between your profession life and personal life is something very hard in this time. When you hang out with your colleagues, I guarantee you, you never leave work and will talk about your office politics a bit !! When you a bunch of interesting topics to talk about why don’t you think about that kind of stuff? 

3. Gossip Target!

The more you associate with your colleagues out side the work place, the more others have the topic to gossip about you. Being an employee you can be friendly or hang out with the opposite gender person outside the office but it can ruin your career even if it is wrong rumours!!! 

Conclusion : 

Being friendly is okay but being in a close friendship and Bffs kinda relationship is two different things. Because frankly, you can’t be friends with someone you see as competition or who sees you as competition.

Second thing, yeah it ia very difficult to draw a fine line to walk, but trust me once you have some boundaries, it is not at all that much difficult!!
Hope you enjoy the blog. Share your views in below comments for this topic!!

Happy Blogging! 


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