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Branding means communication between your brand and your potential clients\customers and it doesn’t mean that you need to tell them, it simply means you need to show them what your brand meant for and what kind of values your brand will give. 

This simply means that while choosing the color for your brand logo, the packaging design and the marketing strategy, you need to take very good care as silently you are passing the message of your brand through the color.

Connection of colors and mind

We stop our cars when the signal light shows red and we go when it shows green. What do you observe with this simple daily situation? It is simple that, our minds are programmed to give a response to colors.

From the colors, our mind stimulates the message about danger, lavishness, and calmness. So, before choosing the color for your brand, you should know why it is critical to choose the right color.

Keep reading the blog, to know more about reasons why colors are more important for your packaging design and branding

  1. Communication

    As mentioned before,colors pass an immediate message of your brand and that even without writing a single word. Moreover, colors create a specific frame of mind for people, which knows as mood. Having people in the right mood to give the response is essential for the brand engagement.

    IBM has a royal blue color, which means stability and reliability. Fed Ex chose two differently vibrant colors (orange and purple) which mean something important has dependably been delivered to you worthy of your attention and your signature, Cadbury has a purple color which shows the luxuriousness. Subway has a green color which passes the message of eco-friendliness.
  1. Brand Recognition

    How can people remember your brand for years? Do they remember the tagline of your brand? Maybe yes. But the main thing people can remember about the brand is thecolors of their logo and packaging design. Look at the brands you are using or communicating with such as McDonalds. The brand is easily recognised by the thousands of people from all around the world for decades. Why? Because they are consistent. Yes, they have changed their logo many times but the bright yellow color they never changed. Whether you see print media or on social media or anywhere, they stick with this tempting and energetic bright yellow color always.

  2. Increase Purchasing

    In package design, advertising or branding,color is one of the most important ways to influence customers. Not just primary colors but the different shades of different colors can evoke different emotions in people. For example, toy stores paint their walls with the bright colors to stimulate kids and generate excitement. Beauty and health fields go with the greens and blues because these colors are calming and indicates the healthy lifestyle.


Just give a pause before you choose the color for logo or packaging of your brand and think, how you want your potential clients to see the products/services you provide. What kind of emotion or message does your brand pass? What are the values you are adding through your product/service in their life? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before building your brand’s identity through your packaging or marketing and be consistent with this. Because you can change anything but you cannot change the brand identity once built.

We hope this blog can give you right guidance why and how you should choose right colors for the packaging and branding.

P.S. This blog is purely for re-blogged purpose only. All rights reserved to EYECATCHERS.CO !!!

Happy Blogging!



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