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How Color Defines Your Brand Value?

Branding means communication between your brand and your potential clients\customers. And it doesn’t mean that you need to tell them, it simply means you need to show them what your brand meant for and what kind of values your brand will give. This simply means that while choosing the color for your brand, you need to take very good care as silently you are passing the message of your brand through the color.
Keep reading the blog, to know more about colors for your branding.


We examined over 1000 logos the world’s most significant brands and found this result…

NOTE: 90% of all the logos are non-gender specific, however big brands are 40% more likely to have an effeminate nature.

Following is the interpretation of some colors, which may help you.


Green is the color of health, harmony and well-being. Because of its connection with the nature, it is very popular with the business of organic, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products.



Orange generally indicates friendliness, honesty, and enthusiasm. It encourages conversation and appetite and so ideally this color ideally used for restaurants and cafes.



According to Gregory Ciotti, who wrote “The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding” for Entrepreneur Magazine, “Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum.” This color associated with optimism and confidence. It inspires creativity and original thinking, in addition to improves the logical reasoning and decision making. Yellow color also stimulates the mental clarity and thus, it is often used in the academic settings such as schools and colleges.


Red is the color of the spectrum which has a variety of meanings such as danger, blood but also love and passion too.

If you have ever observed, then many world class companies have opted for this color just because this color instantly draws attention to itself. This color boss the food marketing industry because it is considered as the universally confident color.



Psychologically, blue color stands for security, calmness and strong caring. This is the reason why this color is commonly used for large technology companies, police, banking and insurance companies. The lighter shade of the color can be chosen for the travel and health industries as it subconsciously encourages people to relax.

Blue - Copy


Purple is considered for the royalty and luxuriousness. This color is used for the brands which target to attract the women and children. The companies which aiming to offer something new and original can use this color for their branding as this color signifies the sophistication and creativity.


Black is the color of authority, sophistication and luxury. This color often used by the companies which has luxury goods or high-end selling. When choosing the right color from the color spectrum, black is the only color which is simple, subtle and gives the quality statement too.

Black - Copy


While talking about colors and brands, how can we forget about Google, Microsoft, eBay, etc? While looking at their branding and logos, it is shown that these are the companies which deny sticking with just one color in particular. This multi-colored approach defines the playfulness of the brand. These are the brands which have a variety of services to give which symbolizes the diversity and inclusivity.



Just give a pause before you choose the color for your brand and think, how you want your potential clients to see the products/services you provide. What kind of emotion or message does your brand pass? What are the values you are adding through your product/service in their life?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before building your brand’s identity.


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