About Me

Priya Jivrajani,That’s Mee….!!!

A 26 year old girl who belongs to an upper middle class family and having dreams of small like having a proper satisfying job,a happy family and a prince charming who can be with her always to support her..!

The journey of this small town girl starts on 10th Oct,88.! And after that its going on like a roller coaster ride, Which is scary, kind of little bit with nervousness and still its thrilling because she loves to enjoy the life at the fullest.!!!!

The thought she believe the most is ” Enjoy the life with full of craziness and  childishness.! Because life is too small to take tension or being sad for anything.! ”

Keep in touch with me to know about her or her life or a small town girl’s confusions and its stupid but practical and emotional decisions which makes her what she is now..!!!


73 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Priiya, straight forward and beautiful attitude to express yourself.Hope all your dreams com true .1000 mile journey begins with first step.Thank you for visiting my blog.Looking forward to read your new posts and news.J.M.

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      1. Yes of course, you will nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
        Share five facts about yourself to your readers. Pass these rules on to them 🙂 But this is only if you want to do the tag ;D

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  2. Hi Priiya, thank you for coming over to my blog and following. I’m glad you liked my post “What do You really Think?” All the best with your blogging journey and those dreams becoming a reality.

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    1. Thank you vivek for reading my blog and like it. Actually yes, my posts are almost inspired by friend’s life or my life!!! As life has given a very roller coaster ride to me!! so I don’t need to go anywhere for writing anything.! 😉

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      1. Well it could be.. But I don’t think so… Anyways hows life..?? And whats new..?? When will u gonna settle…? I mean to say marriage..

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      2. If its not about me or my life then let me share a link, please read it carefully. Hope you can know its about me or not!


        The thing regarding settling down, I guess I will one day, when I will get the right person who actually deserve me!!! 🙂


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